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Advocating for Individuals, Families & Employers since 1980

Headquartered in Ventura, Ca, LRA Insurance & Financial Services provides solutions for individual households and employers, up and down the beautiful coast of California. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every relationship and customize our support to your unique needs and concerns.





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Areas of Service

Individual Health Insurance

Whether its Open Enrollment or during a Special Enrollment situation, we will guide you through the process from quoting all available options, educating you on the differences, analyzing the market, all the way through enrollment and follow up. Health insurance is personal to each person and the planning can be intricate. We make sure any hiccups along the way get smoothed out until you have an ID card in your hand...and beyond.


Planning for a Lifestyle change

Leaving your employer and not sure if COBRA is right for you? Turning 65 and need to know what to do next regarding medicare and supplemental coverage? Traveling abroad or have family visiting from another country? Or maybe you're pregnant and want to know what options you have for covering your new child. We've got your back and the experience to guide you. The landscape is forever changing, so contact us to discus what steps make the most sense and the important deadlines to abide by.

Employee Benefit Packages

One of the most important aspects of acquiring and maintaining top talent can be the benefit package you create as an employer. We understand there is a happy medium between respectable coverage and a budget that is sustainable. We will help you understand your obligations as well as provide solutions to your needs and objectives. This is our sweet spot.


benefit Compliance

Upon the implementation of The Affordable Care Act came in depth reporting and an increase in employee administration compliance. In response, we've developed "The 4 Stages of Employment". A cloud file system that boils it all down to easy to manage steps with template communication and model notices. We've partnered with TPAs to take care of COBRA, Section 125, and other administration areas to remove these tasks from your workload. A few less hats for you to wear!

HR Support

Need an updated Employee Handbook? What about tough questions relating to a new hire that may take you hours to research on your own? We have a team of HR Pros available to you at no additional cost. Allowing you to focus on what you do best and run your company with peace of mind. 


Client advocacy

Our clients call on us to help intervene in tricky situations. With experience comes the knowledge to identify the problem and solve for "X".

Situations such as foreign claims processing, RX denials, provider finder discrepancies, enrollment coordination, communicating with underwriters and everything in between. We are here to support you for the life of our relationship.